Forever Green Initiative_UMN

Here, in University of Minnesota, we focus on  improving the current agriculture patterns and developing the forever green field by selectively adding winter-annual and perennial crops to our cropping systems.

We have already posted our video in Youtube introducing our projects. Please follow the linkage: .

In the forever green initiative, I focus on accelerate the domestication of intermediate wheatgrass. Intermediate wheatgrass is a perennial grass. But through the development of the scientists in Rodal Institute and The Land Institute, Dr. Lee DeHaan has doubled the seed size. Now its seed size is about 1/3 of  bread wheat seeds. Intermediate wheatgrass is a promising specie to become a next generation crop for human.

Our main goal is to increase intermediate wheatgrass grain yield and seed size by 15% per year through traditional breeding–recurrent selection, and genomic selection. 

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